The Comeback Season #1



The amount feeling that comes out of that one word for me is indescribable.

Basketball. Basketball. Basketball.

Tip off. Running, running, running, stop. Turn, pass. Jab step, dribble, stop, pass. Fake, dribble, spin, jump… Swish.

And that’s only the first minute, of the first quarter. There’s still 11 more minutes, and 3 more quarters left in the game. Stanza after stanza of symphonic movement. Poetry in motion.

But things have been hard for me on the court lately. I’ve been out of practice, out of shape, and out of touch. I gave myself too many excuses. I’m busy, I’m tired, I’ve got commitments. Tomorrow, next week, oh crap I got exams next week, next month then… Maybe. But really the only thing I should be busy with, tired from, or have a commitment to, is Basketball.

So one day I woke up and made a decision. Its training day.
Just like that.

That morning I sat down and wrote everything I could remember from every work out, every drill and every coach, from every camp, club or team I’ve been part of. By 5pm, I had a workout plan that put in a mix of some of the stuff I had into two circuits. It looked a little something like this:

Conditioning: Day 1
2 circuits, 5 work outs, 3 reps each.

Circuit #1 (x3)
I. Squats 30
II. Push Ups (chest) 15
III. Skips 100
IV. Plank 1min
V Burnouts 1min
Circuit #2 (x3)
I. Reaches 20
II. Push Ups (triceps) 15
III. Skips 100
IV. Wall Sit 1min
V Sit-ups 20

Joker - And Here We Go

Well now… That didn’t go as planned. Okay so I’ve got good news, and bad news. Good news first? Cool. So I made it through the first circuit, gave it ALL I GOT, tired as I was. The bad news? That’s as far as I got before I realized I was about to pass out. Literally. I know, it’s pretty embarrassing. But not so surprising…

A short while ago I took this  test called The Multi-Stage Fitness Test, a.k.a The Beep Test. For my age range I should be able to hit about 12 on the test, but I only got as far as 8.4 before, again, I almost passed out.
If you’re not familiar with the test you might be thinking, “oh that’s practically round the corner”, it’s not. The test gets progressively harder so just getting to 10 from where I am is a HUGE gain. Apparently, for losers like me, I should slowly increase my score every 2 weeks until I reach where I want to be. And I am nowhere right now.

But I guess that’s what makes it interesting. The challenge. I wouldn’t do this if it was all easy? This would be the most boring blog post if all I did was brag about how awesome I am (even though I totally am).

At least now you can come back next time you’re bored. Laugh at my fails, see where I’m at, and pick up advice if you’re just getting started…

Bottom line is, this is my story. It’s time to paint the canvas.

[Baseline] Pass. Dribble, dribble, dribble, stop. Pass. Fake, drive, pass. Dribble, dribble, crossover, jump… Nothing but net.


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