Kick-Game/ Sneaker City: The Next Chapter

Let the Games Begin

What up fam, hope you’re good from wherever you’re reading, bed, couch, boring class. But hey, what does that matter? Either way, you’re just in time for the next BIG thing this side of the internet.

So far you’ve probably got a feel for what my blog is about. I try to capture what I think are the most interesting aspects of life, and then share them with the world. Recently I’ve been getting this nagging feeling that there’s this one crazy, hidden thing that I just NEED to get OUT THERE. There’s also this other nagging feeling that my blog needs something… fresh.

So next month, I’m launching an EXCITING new chapter on my blog. I’m calling it…
Umm… Why don’t we get into that later? I haven’t decided on an official name for it yet, which explains why the title for this post looks so confused.

But from the picture and the title so far, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out where this is going. Yes, I am going to talk about shoes. A LOT.

Not just any shoes though, I’m going to talk basketball shoes.

This is it folks, I am now officially – I can’t believe I’m saying this – a fashion blogger. Because that’s just what the world needs. ANOTHER Kenyan fashion blogger.

All right, all right, let’s take a step back, things aren’t as embarrassing as they seem.
It turns out there’s a WAY more dignified name for guys out there like me. The obsession with basketball shoes, who’s wearing what, what Nike just dropped, knowing the backstory of every classic sneaker ever produced… These are all symptoms of being a SNEAKERHEAD.

Go ahead, Google it.
It’s a thing.

Being a sneakerhead has been a low key part of my identity for a while now. It’s pretty much the only part of my life where I’ve mastered the art of keeping my cool. One of the reasons I love it so much is that it’s an intimate part of the game of basketball. Every player needs a pair of kicks right? Who said the kicks had to be boring? Why not play around with designs, colours, shoelaces, personal customization; the whole-freaking-works.

But being a sneakerhead in Kenya isn’t exactly that big a deal. For starters Nike, the brand that built the sneaker culture, doesn’t drop new Air Jordan’s or Kobe’s here like they do in the U.S. And whatever they do drop is never a shoe considered sacred enough to be part of the culture. Same goes for Adidas, Converse, and other shoe brands.
So in the end, there are only two ways to get a pair of worthwhile kicks in Kenya: you, your parents or some relative has the cash and can get them abroad, or you tarmac the local informal market until you find something.

Here’s the interesting thing about Kenya, it has a VIBRANT informal market for just about any second hand item. Bags, jeans, camping gear, and, you guessed it, sneakers. So when someone huko majuu* decides some Nike’s they bought just aren’t their style, the shoes trickle down informal markets there, and then wind up over here.
*(Swahili slang: ‘up there’ i.e. abroad)

While I’m open to the select few upper class Kenyans who can get sneaker culture worthy kicks for themselves, I’m more interested in the second hand diamonds that accidentally find themselves in the 254*.
*(Kenya’s area code)

As far as I know, there isn’t any other blog in Kenya partly or entirely dedicated to the sneaker culture. Personally I think that’s a shame because if basketball really is a thing here, then the sneaker culture should be too. If weren’t for the game, the entire culture wouldn’t exist.
I’m not the kind of guy to wait around for someone to get it done so here goes.
This new chapter is Kenya’s official welcome to the sneaker culture. I could be wrong, maybe someone has tried to do this before, but as OVO’s new entrant to the sneaker game said:

                              “It ain’t about who did it first it’s about who did it right”                             – Drake, Wu-Tang (Nothing Was the Same)

Anyway, let’s get back to the problem of this new chapter’s name.

I came up with two names for this new section of my blog, but I seriously cannot decide which one to pick. The options are:

  1. KICK-GAME (yeah, hyphen included)

They both sound good right? I considered keeping both, but then I realised how dumb that would look on every post. Then I had this crazy idea. Why not let THE FANS pick the name?

This links up with why I’m dropping the chapter next month. First off, I’m not going to drop a whole new section just like that. This one deserves a run-up (pun intended).
Or in other words, y’all need to GET HYPED.

Second, the run-up gives you a chance to let me know which name you think is best. On random days in the week, I’ll drop a taste of what to expect in this new chapter. Once you’ve scrolled down and had your fill of what your eyes are craving, hit up the comments section and help me pick the name for the new chapter. Kick-Game, or Sneaker City.
The posts will come up randomly, so don’t get left behind! FOLLOW the blog!

Every surprise post will have the title #GetHyped: Kick-Game/ Sneaker City.
And the content… Well, you’ll just have to see for yourself.

But just to get you started, here’s a little something you can check out.


Go on start your bid, hit up the comments section RIGHT NOW.
Make this little part of the sneaker culture yours.

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