“Sate: satisfy (a desire or an appetite) to the full.”

I spend a lot of time thinking about how to be satisfied.
I can’t remember the last time I was satisfied with anything. One, single, thing.

And no one gets it.

Everyone seems satisfied in the 21st Century. Which is something I don’t get. Since when is anyone satisfied? You’re full now but you’ll be hungry later, you’re well rested but you’ll be sleepy again, you  loved that movie but you’ll have to watch at least one more before the end of the month. Face it, no one is ever satisfied, just comfortable – for now.
And that’s not the same thing.

Not being satisfied is frustrating. Bouts of anger, depression and madness are my daily routine. And since everyone around me seems to think that comfort equals satisfaction, that’s their solution to everything. If I’m angry, depressed or showing signs of being clinically insane, their advice is for me to get comfortable. To just drop whatever ridiculous goal I’m trying to achieve and take a chill pill. If they catch me on a good day, or rather a good hour,  they confuse my comfort for satisfaction.

It’s not the same thing.
But that said, if I’m not satisfied, I’m not comfortable.


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Daily Prompt: Sated


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