Real talk? Temptation is the realest thing for me.

Its depth is suffocating. Once I’m in, I dive deep, the pull so strong I forget to breathe. Till I pass out, and then I’m lost.. Free of the world, a slave to my mind.

Its an endless steeple chase. I leap over one temptation, I fall into another. I’m not addicted to anything but I know the feeling. The gentle burn when something new calls my name. Something so foreign it couldn’t work between us. But I convince myself: it gets me, it knows me, it feels my longing.

I don’t think its a battle Ill ever win. Ill run the good race, but Ill never finish.

I owe so much. To the curiosity that showed me a new flavor, made me take that shot, lured me past the waters edge. It was my guide. What a betrayal. Now its everything I regret.

If only I had the power in me to resist.
But heaven knows if I was tempted to, I’d tear it out and give that away too.

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Daily Prompt: Resist


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