Postcards from Europe #1

The Hague (Den Haag), The Netherlands

Peace Palace

The city is fascinating. It holds hidden extremes, not unlike you. The town is modern, towering, and shimmers hues of white and blue. The streets at its fringes are ancient, rustic and radiate warm hues of red and brown. The town, is bustling by day and by night falls silent. The streets in contrast are restful by day, and take charge by night, glowing with light and movement.
Most impressive of all is the calm the city holds in the face of its burden. Scattered within the city are the world’s halls of justice. The weight of the world presses down even through the ceiling in the court rooms of the Peace Palace, and the International Criminal Court. Yet the Hague holds up their foundations squarely on its shoulders.
The home International Criminal Court resembles its functioning. Stately, clean, precise and transparent. The Peace Palace is not to be outdone. Its impressive staircase and mighty halls were built to entertain the rulers of nations and empires. Grand ceilings and sweeping archways hold murals of enlightenment that give praise to Truth and Justice.
Your absence is only made greater, as I realize my meager significance at feet of these great courts.

Yours always.


  • Tevin Mwendwa Gitonga

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