Postcards from Europe #2

Cologne (Köln), Germany


The cold is relentless, and the gusting wind pays no mind to my shivering. The sun has retired behind the clouds, its light muffled into a dull grey. The city is less than perfect. It lacks the expected pristine and spotless streets.  Graffiti clings to city walls, and posters flutter under every bridge. Yet its imperfections keep the city grounded to reality. All else is nearly faultless. The order, precision, and clockwork movements of every piece and person in the city are a marvel.
The people are welcoming. Their faces steeled against the grey weather, but  warm to the weary traveler.
The University of Cologne effortlessly blends into the city, deceptively so. I’ve learnt that the remarkably modern campus has been a student sanctuary for 7 centuries. My presence is but a fraction of spot in it’s enduring existence.
As I leave safety of the sanctuary, I long only for the warmth of your presence.

Yours always.


  • Tevin Mwendwa Gitonga

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