Postcards from Europe #3

Strasbourg, FranceSUn Glare Strasbourg

Strasbourg is, in every way, the definition of France. At every turn, my eyes met with culture, romance and beauty. But I found something else too. I found Faith, not lost, but tucked away on the edge of France and at the heart of Europe.
A masterful presence fills the massive Strasbourg Cathédrale Notre Dame, from the solid concrete floor, to the lofty ceilings that stretch their topmost to the heavens. The opulent alter is not a lone slab of stone, but a marble table. Before it, a bronze congregation of saints gather to celebrate under a slender, towering, golden Cross.
The organist begins without warning, striking the silence with ominous chords that raise every hair. His music speaks in tongues, clear and audible, yet utterly incomprehensible.
As I kneel, I feel at peace. My longing ceases as I am realize the gift of the omniscient presence. Through it, I am connected to all, and to you.

Yours always.


Rexie Ndoria Kamau


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