Postcards from Europe #4

Zürich, Switzerland


Zurich is beautiful. The contemplative kind of beauty that reminds me of you. I am at the shores, looking across the sea. The hazy Swiss Alps lie in the background, persistently standing over the waters. The air is cool, and the sun is warm. I doze as the crashing waves gently lull me to sleep.
The spring warmth lightly rouses the city. Streets and homes are quiet, their tenants bustling at the elongated parks, stretched along the sea. Their wealth too persistently looms over the city.
Yachts litter the sea, and ships continuously cruise along the horizon. Every vehicle is clean, powerful, slender, and roars commandingly. I am only a peasant passing through noblemen’s quarters. Sadly, my dull change cannot afford to satisfy my urge for something cool, and sweet.
I press on, wishing you were here.

Yours always.


  • Tevin Mwendwa Gitonga


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